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FORESITE REMOTE is an online information system for wholesale/retail hard goods distributors and incorporates e-commerce capabilities. It operates through an Applications Service Provider (ASP) over an internet connection. The ASP is called Easyco.

Why should I be interested in FORESITE REMOTE?

Because it is significantly less expensive than an in-house system thereby increasing a companies profitability almost as soon as the system is implemented by:
1. lowering the cost of ownership (by 20% to 40%)
2. lower (40% to 60%) on hardware investment. There is no hardware maintenance and training, and no need for in house IT expertise.

Can you give me an example?

Yes, a 30 seat FORESITE REMOTE system would cost an end-user $75 per seat per month, whereas the same end-user would pay anywhere from $87 to $200 per seat per month, depending on the configuration (multi-branch situations need to incur additional communication costs for high reliability connections) and the additional manpower for a traditional server-based system. 

We have multiple branches. Will FORESITE REMOTE still work for us?

ABSOLUTELY, FORESITE REMOTE technology could be of great interest to large regional and national distributors, since it would potentially allow them to greatly reduce their overall IT cost by centralizing their IT functions and delivering them online to all their branches. The biggest savings would be realized with regard to telephone line costs and communications hardware such as multiplexors and modems.

Is there somwhere we can see a comparison between an in-house system and FORESITE REMOTE?

Yes, there is a comparison chart on this web site. It compares an in-house FORESITE system with FORESITE REMOTE. Be aware, that any other in-house system would be the same as the FORESITE in-house option.




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Last modified: October 11, 2002