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FORESITE is now e-business ready

Key Data Systems Group is a software company that publishes FORESITE, a wholesale distribution software package. The company was started in 1991 by Jeffrey Kaufman.

The pages on this website offer a description of each of the sections built into FORESITE. These descriptions start with FORESITE Overview. In addition, there is a page that has complete list of FORESITE installations. Feel free to contact any one of them. There is also a page of Frequently Asked Questions with regard to the company and FORESITE.

Be sure to checkout the section that describes wireless bar code terminals and a list of our Partners whose products are used to add value to FORESITE.

Also, FORESITE can be delivered over the internet in an ASP (Application Service Provider) mode. Check out FORESITE-REMOTE for more details.

A Unique Selling Proposition

FORESITE is much more than a collection of software programs and computer hardware; For a wholesale distributor it is a methodology for doing business.

The inclusion of wholesale distribution management expertise is the major difference between FORESITE and its competitors. No collection of software programs and computer hardware is good enough without this expertise to ensure "world class" wholesale distribution performance..

When you decide to become a "world class" distributor, individuals with years of distribution experience join your team.

Once there is mutual agreement that FORESITE "fits" into your company, and the system is delivered, we will:

bullet jointly work with you to ensure that FORESITE reflects your business practices
bullet customize your forms, i.e. invoices, POs etc.
bullet provide on-going after sales support
bullet provide periodic FORESITE enhancements

The success of an enterprise-wide wholesale distribution system is not only dependent on the computer and the distribution software. Success is most often determined by the people that install and use the system

Key Data Systems Group recognizes that well trained and committed people, in concert with a good software package, will make the difference if a company is to become a "world class" distributor.

For the technically inclined, FORESITE uses a MultiValue Database Managment System (DBMS). For more information you might want to check out MultiValue Databases. This site also links to a list of Multivalue database vendors.

Contact Information

Main Office and Sales:
696 Athol Ave #401 Oakland, CA 94610
General Information: Information
Sales: Jeffrey Kaufman
Customer Support: Support


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