Frequent  Questions


Our company is very small. I know we need a system to be competitive. Can we afford a system?

Why do we even need a system like FORESITE?

How will FORESITE increase my profitability?

Does FORESITE have its own financial modules?

We also do a lot of over-the-counter selling and quoting. Will FORESITE accommodate these functions?

How much does the system cost?

What else does FORESITE do?

Is there a monthly maintenance charge?

What does the FORESITE maintenance charge include?

Is the maintenance mandatory?

How does Key Data Systems perform the support function?

What are the support hours?

How do you handle upgrades?

How often does Key Data Systems come out with a new upgrade?

How many installations do you have?

Where are they located?

What are the qualifications of your principals?

What makes FORESITE better than the system we have now or your competitor´┐Żs system?

Why are demonstrations so important?

As a FORESITE prospect, what am I trying to discover?

What is Key Data Systems trying to discover?

How does the demonstration program work?

How many demonstrations do you normally do for a company?

How long does a demonstration last?

Who should attend the demonstrations?


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