Project Management



FORESITE users use the project management system to track their customer’s projects.

The project management module is tightly integrated with quotations, order entry, purchasing, and the rest of the FORESITE system. Quotes, sales order, invoices, and purchase orders are tied directly to the associated project and can be displayed, entered, and modified all from the same screen. When quotes and sales orders are created, certain information from the project header are automatically passed to the quotes and sales orders.

Project Management Key Features

On screen, on demand entry and tracking of projects
Multiple quotes, sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders tied to one project
The ability to display, edit and enter quotes
The ability to display, edit and enter sales orders
The ability to display, edit and enter purchase orders
The ability to convert quotes to sales orders and sales order to purchase orders
The ability to enter and display contact remarks
Project status tracking
Project cross referenced by project number, customer, date, and written by id



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Last modified: September 27, 2000