Our company is very small. I know we need a system to be competitive. Can we afford a system?

FORESITE is priced for a company that does $1.0 million a year in revenues.

Why do we even need a system like FORESITE?

There are three reasons:

1. To increase your profitability.

2. To "level the playing field." Most all your vendors, competitors and customers already have a system.

3. To add value to your company. The quality of your information about customers, vendors and inventory is a valuable asset. If you decide to sell your company, this high quality information will be a valuable negotiating asset.

How will FORESITE increase my profitability?

FORESITE does this in two ways:

1. Allows you to lower the amount of cash invested in inventory. FORESITE will advise you when and how much inventory to buy.

2. FORESITE will help you to dramatically increase customer service. Any question a customer has about his/her account, pricing, inventory etc. can be answered while you have them on the phone.

Does FORESITE have its own financial modules?

Yes. A/P, A/R and G/L are fully integrated into the system.

We also do a lot of over-the-counter selling and quoting. Will FORESITE accommodate these functions?

Absolutely!! Some of our installations do as much as 90% of their sales in over-the-counter or retail sales. FORESITE also enables you to create quotes and convert them to sales orders or contracts.

How much does the system cost?

Key Data Systems provides turnkey installations which include hardware, FORESITE distribution software, and on site training. Entry level complete systems for 3 users run approximately $24,000. The system can be scaled to virtually any number of users. As the number of on-line users increases, the "cost per seat" decreases.

What else does FORESITE do?

Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) terminals and bar coding, FAXing, e-mail, light manufacturing, kitting, credit and collections, multi-branch processing, and much more. Customer remote order entry and EDI will soon be available.

Is there a monthly maintenance charge?

Hardware is provided with one year of free on site maintenance. FORESITE software maintenance charges are based on the number of on-line users.

What does the FORESITE maintenance charge include?

The charge includes unlimited telephone support, no charge for upgrades.

Is the maintenance mandatory?

It is for the first year. After that it is optional. Other support options include hourly time and materials and integration of upgrades and enhancements on a contract bases.

How does Key Data Systems perform the support function?

98% of support is done over the phone and through modem. If that is not sufficient, a support person will come to your location.

What are the support hours?

Support hours are between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mon. through Friday. Response time averages less then 30 minutes. We guarantee response to be no longer then 4 hours.

How do you handle upgrades?

Upgrades are sent to you by mail or a customer support person will come to your location and install the new upgrade. The upgrade package includes a document which describes the changes in the new version.

How often does Key Data Systems come out with a new upgrade?

About every 3 months. Most of the enhancements are suggested by our present customers and become part of the standard package.

How many installations do you have?

We presently have 16 installations.

Where are they located?

Most of them are located in the Bay Area. We have chosen, at least for the immediate future, to market FORESITE only in California. Eventually we will expand into Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington.

What are the qualifications of your principals?

The designers of FORESITE, Jeff Kaufman and Jim Laner, have extensive experience in actually owning and running wholesale distribution enterprises. Between them they have administered the installation of over 120 sophisticated multi-user management information systems in companies dealing with fasteners, plumbing, electrical, tools, building materials, janitorial supplies and machinery manufacturing.

What makes FORESITE better than the system we have now or your competitor’s system?

Only you can be the judge of that. Once we have demonstrated the system to you, you will know.

Why are demonstrations so important?

Demonstrations are one of the most important methods used for discovering whether or not FORESITE "fits" a company. At Key Data Systems Group we consider demonstrations to be 80% discovery and 20% sales.

As a FORESITE prospect, what am I trying to discover?

You, as a FORESITE prospect, are trying to discover:

if FORESITE "fits" into the business environment of your company?

if Key Data Systems Group is the right company with which to have a long term support relationship?

What is Key Data Systems trying to discover?

We, at Key Data Systems Group, are trying to discover:

how you conduct business. How you interact with your customers and vendors.

how you presently handle inventory and accounting functions.

if FORESITE fits into your company so that we can support you over the life of the system? If there isn’t a good fit, then we will not sell FORESITE to you. We walk away from about 20% of the companies to which we demonstrate.

We do not want to try to support an installation that is unsupportable.

How does the demonstration program work?

After you have received and read the FORESITE literature we sent, you will be contacted to see if there is interest in seeing a demonstration.

The first demonstration takes place at your office. We bring everything. You just supply the room for the demo.

The purpose of the first demo is:

to see if FORESITE fits your company:.

to see if the people at your company and the Key Data Systems people are compatible. This is a long term relationship.

to give you an idea of how FORESITE is designed.

to demonstrate FORESITE’s ease of use

The second demonstration, and subsequent demonstrations, can either be at your location again but preferably it takes place at LESCO, a FORESITE user in Richmond, CA. The purpose is:

to see FORESITE in more depth.

to see FORESITE being used in an actual company.

How many demonstrations do you normally do for a company?

Typically there is more than one demonstration. FORESITE is a very comprehensive system and it is impossible to view it all in one sitting.

How long does a demonstration last?

A demonstration lasts anywhere from 2 1/2 to 8 hours depending on your interest and staying power.

Who should attend the demonstrations?

Management personnel who are responsible for accounting, customer service and sales, purchasing and inventory, and accounting should attend.

It is important that the owner of the company also attend the demo. She or he would like to know what they are paying for.


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