Sales & Quoting




Multi-User on-line entry, maintenance, and query
Cross Indexed order and inquiry and maintain by
-- Customer or Vendor Name       
-- Part Number or Description   
-- Item Serial Number
-- Order Date
-- Job Name or Mark Designation
Forms Generation
-- Picking Ticket
-- Packing Slip
-- Quote
User Selectable Pricing and Discounting Schemes
Independent inventory pricing and pricing units
On-line display of
-- Alternate Items
-- Associated Items
-- Obsolete Item
-- Replaced by Items
Multiple selling units and component items supported for products
Over the counter, Point of Sale (POS), Retail cash sales and pre-paid order handling
Four Sales Order Entry Modes
-- Regular Sales Order Entry and Maintenance
-- Post Billing
-- Point of Sale/Retail
-- Quick T.I.M.E. Order Entry
On-line customer credit checking and order hold processing with flexible parameters
Automatic e-mail notification of credit manager at release of credit hold order
Will call order ready notification logging and reporting
Information available on screen during order entry and quotation entry:
-- Associated items
-- Alternate items
-- Obsolete items
Kits / build from stock items and bill of materials supported
On screen display of cost can be masked or omitted by user or by terminal
Automatic back-order creation and tracking on entry of partial shipment
-- Customer to customer quotation copy
-- Quotation pricing update routines
-- Convert quote to order, order to quote, invoice to quote       with minimum keystrokes
User definable quote purging and expiration reminder reports
-- Quotation analysis reports comparing quote to current       price
-- Convert quote to contract with expiration dates
Can assign two (2) salespeople per customer, each with their own commission structure
Salesperson commission tables can be constructed:
-- by Vendor           
-- by Group           
-- by Order Type       
-- by Category
-- by SKU#
-- by All items
Two commission levels within each of the above categories can be assigned.


Open Sales Order and Quote Reporting
Price Matrix Access Reports
Price Lists
Vendor Contract Access Reports
Advertised Prices Access Reports
UPC Inventory Update Edit Report


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